Hardware For Grabs: SPA8000's, Draytek's and others

OK so we’re sitting on some devices we’ve either pulled from service to replace with more current hardware or we’ve swapped vendors/brands for something. Here’s what is currently in the grab bag:

– SPA8000 : Got seven of these that were pulled due to changing to a different FXS gateway or service moved from FXS to SIP.

– Draytek’s : Got look at the models again but got 2 Draytek routers that were pulled in favor of Mikrotik’s.

– Adtran 924 : Never really used

– Sangoma S505 : Never really used, just for testing.

– Digium D80 : Never really used, just for testing.

Interested in any or all of these, hit me up and we can work it out. Really haven’t thought about pricing but this is more about me not wanting to bin stuff that is in working condition. There will probably be more, I think I also got some RB2011’s floating around that aren’t being used anymore.

Interested in the S505

Hmm just curious you said you pulled draytek’s in favor of Mikrotiks but you got spare RB2011s?

I’ve heard Mikrotik is one of the few SMB router vendors who actually wrote a go-fast bypass in their nat code instead of using the horribly inefficient linux nat code but I’ve never talked to anyone that ever did any testing with those. Microtik is little-used in the US particularly on the west coast.

Would be interested to know why you are getting rid of those.

We are using RB4011s instead now. Also, the US is the 2nd or 3rd largest importer of Mikrotik gear in the world. Just about every hotel I am in, at least one other vendor is also running Mikrotik gear.

Oh yeah, we do southern California too.

The hospitality industry (at least in the US) as always bought tech from vendors that specialized in their particular needs (like Mitel), they are dominated by large players in the US and so it’s easy to sell into them if you design a product aimed at them. That probably explains Mikrotik’s sales strategy in the US - aim for specialty industries. It also explains why there’s so few Mikrotik distributors in the US compared to the EU and why they don’t advertise into the consumer market.

I would love to see someone give Cisco Small Business products a run for their money. Just about everything they sell in that area is overpriced junk.

I see it all over the place. Can you back this up? I use Ubiquiti first (mostly just because I used it first many years ago) and Mikrotik second when asked for recommendations by clients.

All over ‘our places’ also from under the kitchen sink for $25 to +100 Mbs over 25 milles of unlicensed radio (wifi) across a very noisy conurbation and with a 4G LTE backup (couple of thousand bucks there though)

We moved from Ubiquiti to Mikrotik some time ago and far prefer RouterOS over a lame Ubuntu build, it is script-able across almost all of their platforms and has hardware that supports most any protocol and transport but handwritten script over carrier-pidgeon

Not a good match for Consumers because you have to RTFM , but easily sourced from Amazon (Mikrotik have a store there) or for the more esoterik hardware, Mikrotik are alive and well in the US.

So there are 14 Master Distributors along with roughly 17 resalers in the USA alone. You have to combine at least 2 or more EU countries to get to those numbers. We haven’t even gotten into what is in Canada (and there are three within 5 hours of me alone).

About a quarter of Mikrotik’s business is US based.



NOTE I’m NOT saying bigger is better!!!

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