Hardware Compatibility

Hi Guys,

I wish to upgrade our current system to use the freepbx 15 with asterisk 16 on it.

These are my current hardware specs, model is a Dell PowerEdge R230 rack server

Doe you think it will support freepbx 15? ( 30 internal extensions)

You’ve only provided details for one of the cores.

In general, you have to benchmark, but my gut feeling is that this is seriously over-powered, however, 30 extensions could vary in load from one two party call, at a time, using G.711, with significant use of direct media, to a 30 way conference using G.729, and recording all calls.

I think many 30 extension systems would be within the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for the prompt reply, the expanded cpu info is the below.

My only concern was not of being underpowered, i am more concerned because the system is old now and there might be a limitation for example on the minimum cpu family supported. currently i am running Elastix 4.0 on this system and want to switch over to a fully freepbx15 with asterisk 16.

So this should be capable to install freepbx15?

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