Hard phones not working but soft phones work

I just setup my first freepbx and sofar like it except I can’t seem to get it to work.

I setup everything to what seems correct but my phones can’t dial out or receive calls either from the IVR or EXT to EXT.
The endpoint device list shows red dots on all extension (Polycom500 and Cisco 7940).

I just downloaded xlite and used credentials for one of the phones and it works fine.

Can anyone give me an idea what to look at that would prevent physical phones from working but allow softphones?

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You did not tell us anything about your setup. We need the versions of your software (or what distro version you installed it from).

Do you have your DHCP server setup to tell the phone to use the FreePBX server to download the config (DHCP option 66). Did you convert the Cisco phone to SIP?

Are the phones registering?

We are here to help but not mind readers.

I installed Stable-1.813.210.58 network installer.

Currently shows Asterisk (Ver

For the Cisco phones I used a DHCP server to push the TFTP settings and it did successfully change them to SIP and they show the correct extensions.

The Polycom was done manually, it gets its IP from DHCP but the TFTP server setting was manual. This also successfully registered and got the correct firmware and extension.

I setup a simple IVR so I know the incoming trunk works and so I can test the extensions but none of the phones work they all show red in End Point Device List.

My PBX is behind a static NAT allowing UDP 69, 5060, and 10000-20000 only.

When I look at (Reports -> Asterisk Info -> Peers) it shows the 3 extensions as Name but Username is blank. For Host it shows the default gateway of the server.

Name/Username Host Dyn Forceport ACL Port Status
800 (Unspecified) D N A 0 UNKNOWN
801 (Unspecified) D N A 0 UNKNOWN
802/802 D N A 8729 OK (17 ms)

800 and 801 are the Cisco phones. 802 was the Polycom and did show the same (no username and unspecified/unknown status) but when I use the extension and secret on my xlite soft phone it connects and I can dial it via the IVR.

It sounds like the phones are not getting a config.

Did you set them up in the end point manager?


These phones should work. The Cisco’s were previously working with M5 and the Polycom was previously working with a Trixbox setup I’m trying to replace with FreePBX.

What config could they be missing if they’re getting the extension and registering?

Where is the tftp log location? Maybe I can see requests for files that don’t exist or any errors?

I’m even trying to just get the follow me to work and that doesnt work. I bought a number and trunk from freepbx and used SIPSTATION and I’m seeing:
– Called Local/[email protected]/n
– Local/RG-7901-19739089898#@from-internal-f435;1 is ringing
– Local/FMGL-19739089898#@from-internal-675f;1 is ringing
– Executing [[email protected]:1] ResetCDR(“Local/[email protected];2”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:2] NoCDR(“Local/[email protected];2”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:3] Progress(“Local/[email protected];2”, “”) in new stack
– Local/[email protected];1 is making progress passing it to Local/RG-7901-19739089898#@from-internal-f435;2
– Executing [[email protected]:4] Wait(“Local/[email protected];2”, “1”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:5] Progress(“Local/[email protected];2”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:6] Playback(“Local/[email protected];2”, “silence/1&cannot-complete-as-dialed&check-number-dial-again,noanswer”) in new stack

The DID is a 646 number and the instructions are a little unclear because thy’re showing an older version of freepbx so I’m not entirely sure if my outbound route integers are in the correct place.

You have to add the -v flag to the tftp start options in /etc/xinet.c/tftp, then do a sevice restart xinet.

The log will appear in /var/log/messages

Ok. I created another extension just for my softphone to test here’s what I experienced:

Name/Username Host Dyn Forceport ACL Port Status
800 (Unspecified) D N A 0 UNKNOWN
801 (Unspecified) D N A 0 UNKNOWN
802 (Unspecified) D N A 0 UNKNOWN
803/803 D N A 8729 OK (17 ms)

The Polycom shows offline and the soft-phone shows online.
The soft-phone, ext 803, can not call the Polycom, ext 802.
The Polycom can call the soft-phone, but I don’t hear a ring and when I answer there’s no audio.

I figured out the problem. I had the SIP ALG on the router disabled, which we need on the endpoint for remote phones but it needs to be enabled on the PBX side.

Once I had that enabled the phones registered and stayed registered.

Another thing I ran into was I could make/receive calls but there was no audio. I had to put:

in each extension.

I’m opening another post for an IVR issue that now happens that everything else works