Happy New Year

At the request of a user, this forum category has been created for off-topic posts.

Created 2019-12-31 - Happy New Decade to all!

My New Year Resolutions:

  • Consolidate and expand my forum posts into a single doc for adding custom SIP Headers
  • Create Video walk-thru for Firewall Module
  • Organize my SIP Phone collection
  • Set up a proper analog line test lab for gateway config

Alright MKBHD fans. What do you say?

  • New Decade
  • Just another year

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Thinking now that this category was a bad idea.:grinning:


You’re from the future?

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New Years Resolutions:
Keep FreePBX backups offsite
Cable manage my server rack
Move FreePBX onto a actual server (Dell Poweredge 460)
Grow my business.

Here’s to a great 2020! Lets make this one count!

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