Hangup Cause 127 (interworking unspecified) when call is cancelled

Greetings FreePBX Community. Has anybody gotten this issue when checking the hangup cause in the full log?
VM with- FreePBX, Asterisk 16.24.0.

1- Call originating from FreePBX16 extension is routed via an outbound trunk to another. Say for eg to a PSTN phone.
2- Caller hangs up call after a few unanswered rings
3- Hangup cause for the call on FreePBX full log is 127 (interworking unspecified)

In the same call scenario, on a VM with an older distro (FreePBX, Asterisk 16.2.1), the hangup cause is 16 (normal call clearing).

Service is fine otherwise, just the hangup cause seems to be different between the two. The new Freepbx 16 VM’s config was actually a restore from one made on the old FreePBX 15 VM with the same trunk and ip addressing settings.

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