Hangup and Dial

What is the deference between Dial and Hangup, i don’t understand this, dial is to call some one so it’s logical to have minutes but hangup it’s the inverse but, i don’t understand hangup + answered,
please i need an answers

Any answers?

You have to be careful reading the APP column. That is the last application that was executed before the call terminated. In this case a hangup. This entire call leg took 15 seconds.

But i have to messages :
Hungup NO ANSWER 00:15
Hungup ANSWERED 00:08
So what is the deference ?

You have two types of messages. One the channel was answered (perhaps an IVR or a VM) the other the channels was not answered such as ringing an extension or playing early media.

Frankly I have no deference but I hope I have explained the difference without showing my indifference to the entire thread.