Hanging detection from external calls

Hello everyone,
I’m new to FreePBX and loving it so far , internal phone calls are running great. Incoming phone calls are also working , but when the “other” side hangs up , our phone voip won’t see the hangup and keeps the line active basically.

Can someone please point me into the right direction ? It seems something provider related.

Thank You in advance!

Failure to detect PSTN hangup is normally a problem that arises at the analogue/VoIP boundary (analogue card, analogue gateway, analogue telephone adapter). You didn’t really describe your network and how it connects to the PSTN sufficiently to guess where it is happening in your case.

Once you are in a pure SIP environment, you look for who is failing to send BYE.

Hello David ,

Thank you for your reply!
On our end it’s a pure SIP environment, and everything goes well internally,
I did a test , connected a ATA with a old analogue phone and the internal phonecall went great, also with hanging up the call

The provider told me that the issue is on my end , but they can’t tell what exactly as they don’t support FreePbx

You will need to provide protocol traces to prove that they are in the wrong. See Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation and use the CLI command “psjip set logger on”, or if you are using chan_sip, start planning to retire it, and, in the mean time, use sip set debug on.

This could also happen if you haven’t provided a valid external address in a NATted environment, as they could be trying to send the BYE to your private address. Again the logs are the easiest way of finding out. (I think, however, in this case, that incoming calls will fail after about 30 seconds even when not hung up, as the ACK will also be misrouted, in the same way, and that is the symptom most people report.)

Thank You very much! I will play with the logger tomorrow and will sent an update.

Incoming calls go well as far as i can tell , our last phonecall had a duration of about 5 minutes.

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