Hang up incoming call and ring back

Hello! I need the following function: When somebody calls in through a specified inbound route, the asterisk hang up the call and after call back the number that is called and also ring an extension, and if they pick up the phone, connect them together. Is it possible? Thank you!


Thank you! It works, but how can I define the callback trunk? Is it where the inbound call come from?

After you read that link you will notice

. . . Outbound calls will proceed according to the dial patterns in Outbound Routes. . . .

Okay, but what condition can I set in the outbound route if I want to route all calls from the callback through a specified trunk? Because the caller id is not fixed, the match pattern also not fixed.

Yep, that would be a problem, To do that I would use a call file, it would be easier to manipulate the call backs by all sorts of variables.

Who will be using callback? If it is just you and your staff, you could set up an Outbound Route to send all calls to those numbers via a specific trunk. Unless, of course, you only want to use that trunk if the call is from callback, in which case please explain.

If your callback will be used by customers or the general public, the Inbound Route(s) can be run through a Set CallerID to add a prefix to the calling number, before going to Callback. Then, you can have an Outbound Route that recognizes and strips the prefix, sending calls via the desired trunk.

Thank you the second is a good idea, some another thing that I face with if I put an extension to the destination after callback how can I make the call come from the called back number to the extension?

Please explain how callback will be used, how the caller will be routed (fixed extension, ring group, IVR, DISA, etc.) Also, describe the trunks on your system and explain why callback should use a different trunk than a “normal” call to the same number.

The caller will be routed to a fixed extension. I try to write it down shortly. A lot of employees at our company don’t have a company phone, but they have to call the company more times a day, so they use their own phones, we have a gsm gateway, they call that number and then our manager calls them back, and this is free for the employees. I want this to be automated, so they call the number that is in the gsm gateway, which now is routed to an extension. This will be roiuted to the callback module, and it calls them back and rings that extension. But the employees number is at the asterisk phonebook and now the extension prints out their names, but if I route the call through the callback module the call is not coming from their number to the extension. I need to route the callbacks through that number which they call in, because we have multiple gsm gateways for outbound numbers and we have lendline lines.

I think the question being asked is why do you need to do that?

Because that number is dedicated for that, but my bigger problem is that the call to the extension is not coming from that number who is called. It comes from “Callback”. How can I make that the extension print who called?

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