Hang up as soon as a call is answered - new today on several boxes

[2019-11-25 15:36:02] WARNING[15402][C-0000000d]: chan_sip.c:16755 __set_address_from_contact: Invalid contact uri (missing sip: or sips:), attempting to use anyway
[2019-11-25 15:36:02] WARNING[15402][C-0000000d]: chan_sip.c:16768 __set_address_from_contact: Invalid URI: parse_uri failed to acquire hostport

Is this coming from me (FreePBX) or is it coming from the Trunking Provider? My suspicion is from the trunking provider.

Try sip debug, look for the headers and make sure to and from are sip:…

In case anyone comes across this and is troubleshooting - our problem was with our SD-WAN Vendor - they had all our boxes set for a terrible route - Albuquerque -> Dallas -> Seattle -> LA -> Phoenix.

Once they fixed our route (Albuquerque -> Dallas -> Phoenix) our qualify time went from ~130ms to 66ms and all the problems went away.

Weird problem and HARD to troubleshoot.

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Curious. How did you figure that out?

Because of the randomness of the errors and the mangled SIP responses that were coming back (or not coming back) it led me to look at the network - everything looked good on the surface, but when we dug down to the specific IP we were trying to go do (Our ITSP’s SBC’s) we found the traceroute that looked horrible - almost 25 hops to get from our boxes to our ITSP - once they fixed the routing it was down to 7 hops, and it also lowered the Qualify time down from ~130msec to 66msec.

I have never seen an error like this, but we have 10 FreePBX’s behind that SD-WAN Provider and they all were doing it - fixed the routing and they all stopped.


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