Handling of the IVR voice recordings

In another life, with another PBX, we built IVR by using voice mail boxes.

“To speak to Sales department, press 1”

and “1” was getting another IVR based on recording of voice mail box 3233. If I had to change the recording, I just dial voice mail box 3233 and voilà.

I’m not too sure of using the simplest way of handling the recording of every branch of the IVR with FreePBX.

»Could someone explain it to me or point me to an explanation of the concept.



Are you using the System Recordings functionality to make your recordings? Are you then associating the recording with the IVR that you’ve created with the correct options?

Yes, I do use System Recording functionality when doing it by myself.

But I am used to let the end user make and change himself his recordings, just using his phone as a tool. This is possible when the mecanisme is the same for IVR and voice mail boxes. I suppose that an easy solution exists also with Asterisk, but I just cannot figure it out.



In freePBX, it appears that the outgoing voicemail recordings are located in this directory. /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/XXXX/
You could write a cron or other type script that automatically copies this file into the asterisk default locations for custom system recordings:

You could then set your IVR to the custom recording that you would it to be called and any time the voicemail was changed, then the system would overwrite the existing custom recording. Not superclean, but a way to get the job done.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I hope that there is a simpler way to maintain IVR recordings just using a phone and a picture of the IVR tree, isn’t ?


In 2.5 and above each recording is automatically assigned a feature code that is accessible from any extension.

Once setup it is easy to maintain.

Thanks for helping.

I’m using FreePBX 2.6.0.RC2.1 but don’t see exactly what you mean. Could you explain ?


Go to the recordings module. After you make a recording a feature code is created to access that recording. A checkbox must be filled to make it active.

Didn’t even see that option. That rules…

That’s great.

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Interesting, I wasn’t aware of this new functionality either. In case anyone asks this in the future, if you want you can send them to this How-To Page:

How to enable changing an IVR menu (or other System Recording) from an extension or remote location

This is also for the inevitable “How do I change my IVR menu from home on a snow day?” questions that are sure to occur.

This also got me to thinking that perhaps a bit of additional functionality could be added to this, so that an original “master” recording could be preserved and restored after the “snow day” (or other emergency) is over - see Ticket 3933 for my suggestion on that.

I’m learning…



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