Hamvoip Autopatch using FreePBX

Anyone set up hamvoip repeater node to dial out using freePBX that has dial out capable from any attached sip phone simply by dialing 9 plus the 10 digits on the freepbx server or any extension on freePBX.

I use magic jack with Grandstream HT503 interface and all my attached sip phones on the freePBX can dial anywhere on planet earth so i just want to add the autopatch in my hamvoip node to be able to act as a sip phone on the freePBX setup. I have spent hours so far and I get a dial tone and silence after dialing an extension or a 10 digit number but no connection, i press the *0 hangup code on my HT into my Repeater using Hamvoip and I get the announcement call terminated.
This isn’t critical it’s just an added safety choice for a History teacher Ham friend with classroom trips to the woods and no cell coverage but very good repeater coverage, we listen to the repeater while he is in the woods. Just another techie challenge, that’s what keeps my old brain active.


It almost sounds like a 1-way audio situation? Maybe firewall related? Do you have log files from FPBX?

Also a quick google found that there is a mailing list for the hamvoip project. Have you tried asking for help there as well? ARM-allstar Info Page

This is such a unique project getting help may be hard. Good Luck!


Hard for some, easy for others that are willing to share there hard work and actual examples of work completed. If you don’t ask you will never get an answer, not looking for opinions, looking for experience, yes I am asking all the techies for there help, this isn’t vital, it is having fun with techie stuff, thanks for replying.

I got it working GREAT, I can keyup my repeater autopatch command, dial 9 plus number for any phone on planet earth or i can simply dial any extension on FreePBX, making a document and will eventually put it in my dropbox. I use a Grandstream HT503, magicjack, and raspberry pi with FreePBX, and of course a different raspberry with Alstar Hamvoip for my repeater.
73’s all

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