Hacky way to make HTML voicemail notifications work


Quite simply, if you want HTML voicemail email notifications to work you have to define the content type to be text/html. Here’s what I came up with that’s a super simple hack, but it works and allows me to send HTML voicemail notifications.

Create the file in /usr/local/bin/htmlsendmail and put the following in it:

NEWVAL=$(sed 's/Content-Type: text\/plain/Content-Type: text\/html/g' <<< "$VALUE")
echo "$NEWVAL" | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -v

Make it executable:

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/htmlsendmail

Now in Settings >> Voicemail Admin >> Settings >> Email Config set the Mail Command option to be /usr/local/bin/htmlsendmail

Here’s an HTML template you can try out:

There is a new voicemail in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}:</p>
    <th align="left">From (NAME):</th>
    <th align="left">From (Number):</td>
    <td><a href="tel://${VM_CIDNUM}">${VM_CIDNUM}</a></td>
    <th align="left">Length:</td>
    <td>${VM_DUR} seconds</td>
    <th align="left">Date:</td>
<p>Dial *98 to access your voicemail by phone.<br>
Visit <a href="https://your.freepbx.tld">https://your.freepbx.tld</a> to check your voicemail with a web browser.</p>

Have fun!

(Darwin Pochet) #2

thank for your this tutorial, but where I need to put the template for to make this work

(Itzik) #3

In the Email Body field under the voicemail settings.

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