HA Module + TLS

Yesterday I set up and implemented the commercial HA module on both of my FreePBX nodes. Everything seems to be working correctly now, with one exception:

Phones that are connecting via TLS that put a call on hold are unable to resume the call, and the person put on hold doesn’t hear hold music.

This was tested and working prior to setup of the HA module, which is the only change made to the system since hold was working.

Phones connected to the PBX without TLS do not have this problem. They can resume calls from hold, and anyone they put on hold (including TLS connected phones) properly hears the hold music.

However, if a TLS phone on a call with one not using TLS puts the non-TLS phone on hold, there are problems varying depending on the phone trying to use hold:

All phones: no hold music is heard.
Polycom phones: The call can’t be resumed, and the following message results in the logs:
[2015-07-21 11:14:37] ERROR[3725] tcptls.c: SSL_shutdown() failed: 5
Bria softphones: No issues other than the lack of hold music

As an added note, this is a problem that we did experience when our first node was initially setup, but only with our older Polycom phones and not with people connecting via TLS with the Bria softphone. It was resolved on the Polycoms by updating their software and setting:


However, that setting is still there, and this was working on all phones (polycom, bria, etc) before transitioning to HA last night. In addition, we never had the problem with hold music not being played when a call was placed on hold via Bria softphones using TLS.

Does anyone have any advice on what the problem might be, or what to try in order to resolve this? I’d rather not have to disable TLS in order to get hold to work with the HA module.