HA Module Heartbeat interface

Is it possible to only have one interface, that is used for both the heartbeat and Lan traffic?

If you only have one NIC on each device, the module will pass traffic across just that one connection, however it’s just not the monitoring that is done on that connection, your mirroring is also there, so there can be potentially heavy traffic and per the setup guide in the wiki: It’s pretty critical that the inter-machine connectivity has no firewall or filtering active on it. There is Multicast and potentially non-ip traffic that may be sent across that link. So your setup can lead to unexpected and potentially unrecoverable cluster failures.

We want to have our two HA servers in two different buildings, and therefore can’t connect them over a direct link.
As fast as our servers are, we don’t think they can come anywhere close to directly handling 20-40Mbps of real-time transcoding of live call traffic, nor would we be generating that level network wide (at least as far as voice is concerned).
So, we think there’s no risk of live asterisk traffic occupying enough bandwidth of a gigabit port to materially impact replication.

Any comments?