HA for FreePBX recording files

Hi to all,

We’re working on HA solution for 2 FreePBX instances. we run in with pacemaker and everything is ok. problem is about recording files. we are going to use DRBD but as we can see, there are some limitations on it. something like brain split issue.

I want to know if someone has any other solution? if yes, what?
and if DRBD is the best, how you cope with its limitations?


Any two node HA solution will intrinsically be prone to split-brain syndrome.

Glusterfs over zfs is IMHO a more robust and workable 2-node solution but adding a third node to be a quorum device makes it really solid, it doesn’t have to much of a machine, a raspberry would be fine. Moving to ceph is even better especially if the nodes are geo-seperate but REQUIRES minimum 3 nodes

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