HA available on SNG7?

Can commercial Freepbx High availability be run with the new distro SNG7?

Not at this time. We are working on a brand new HA that will allow for much greater features such as HA in different Data Centers and across WANs. It is due out in Beta in the near future @GameGamer43 can comment more on things.

HA also doesn’t work with pjsip, does it?

How easy is it to convert a HA cluster back to a single stand alone node?
Given that there isn’t an upgrade path from Freepbx 13 to SNG7 14 for HA clusters, and given the hassle HA has been for us at times, I’m looking to convert back to a standalone node. Then using other methods of doing the HA ie VMware Fault Tolerant. I think it will make my life much easier::slight_smile:

You can restore a backup from your cluster to a stand alone install of 13, and then run the Distro upgrade on the standalone system to bring it to 14.

We also have a new HA for 14 coming soon that allows for Geo Redundancy. Your main issue using VMware will be licensing if your using commercial modules as VMWare will clone everything including the license to second box which will fail since it’s a different system.

Will the HA version for 14 support PJSIP?

Yes it will


I think restoring a backup on a stand alone install will be the way to go.
Tony, I not sure if the Licensing will be a problem, a VMware FT clone is identical in everyway to the main node, including the running memory etc, if the main node dies then clone just takes over where the main node was with no interruption to service. At the moment when we Vmotion a Freepbx guest to a new host it just continues without any license issues.
So I think our commercial licences will be just fine. We have bought two of every licence anyway so both technically and morally I hope we are covered?

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What happens when you update the license after restoring ?

will it work under a load balancer or we need a public IP address that will also float to the other Geo Redundancy node?

Seems fine, just used the same “hardware”, but was worth checking, cheers.

As of today, https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/FreePBX+High+Availability still says “HA not available for SNG7”

Do we have any further info on when it will be available?

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but the information contained here was very useful, and I’m greatly looking forward to the geo redundancy feature. Now that it’s been several months, is there an updated ETA of when the new HA module will be available? Thank you.

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They may be busy digesting Digium.

We do not have an ETA to share at this point in time.

Okay it’s now almost the 2nd month of 2019 and this missing feature in FreePBX 14 is becoming a very hot topic for us. Especially since we have combined all our remote PBX’s into a central model. What happens if it locks or up goes down? I lose my job that’s what. Is there any ETA on a HA solution for 14 or higher?

No news on that.
Check out this thread FreePBX 14 and HA
and use a warm spare server in the meantime.

Warm Spare does NOT fill our needs. I need true HA so that no calls get dropped when the server goes down. Warm spare is good for a backup but not HA