H20 Headset Problems

We are testing out an H20 headset and running into stability problems. I hope that someone here may have suggestions. The headsets work perfectly when attached to our D65 phones, but the connection from the base station to the headset continually drops when connected via USB to Windows 10 machines. Any action with sound in Windows 10 seems to cause this to happen. For example, we can do something as simple as change the volume for the unit in Windows (hearing the Windows tones through the headset), and seconds later the headset will disconnect from the base (light goes out, etc.). If we do something else with sound in Windows (such as changing volume again), the connection will re-establish. Has anyone else experienced this?

likely interferance from your wifi, use 5ghz if you can, change wifi channel on 2.4ghz if you cant

I had thought about interference also (DECT); but it only occurs when attached to a PC, not when attached to a phone. And it can be triggered consistently from the PC by changing volume.

Really sounds like a windoze problem :wink:

Is the USB port on the Motherboard? Is the PC well grounded? did you try other USB ports? as they are usually split over a few addresses on the hardware bus.

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