H/A Asterisk Solution Using MySQL and FreePBX


I am knee deep into an install and have come into some problem. This is what I have:

RanchNetworks RN-40 - For HA IP failover

2 Intel Blade servers - both with dual xeon 3.4ghz processors, and 4gigs RAM, Raid 1 mirrored SAS 73gig HDD

I will be using a SIP Gateway for PSTN connections. Either Vega400 or Patton SmartNode.

Here are my issues:

How do I keep the databases on both servers in sync and HA?

 Using ISCSI and a small SAN keep the database and FreePBX on the 
 SAN and run asterisk on the blades with all .conf files pointed to the

 Using ISCSI and a small SAN run everthing on the SAN and use the
 blades as nodes with no HDDs.  One fails the second picksup using the
 exact same config as the first.

How will I keep all phones registered if the primary server fails? Is phone registry kept on the HDD or in the RAM of the server?

Can FreePBX do this?

Any info would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Randy Quick
[email protected]