H.323 support

I’ve searched the wiki and training areas but can’t find reference to h.323 support in FreePBX. I know how to add oh323 and ooh323 to (vanilla) Asterisk - but does FreePBX allow for h323 extensions?

If so, how should I add the h323 modules to the underlying asterisk (i usually build Asterisk from source), and how would I add a h323 device in freepbx (device/user)?

Note that I see this rpm available from yum:
asterisk11-addons-ooh323.x86_64 11.7.0-31_centos6 @anaconda-Schmooze-201401250541.x86_64/6.5
so that might answer the first part of the question…I just don’t know if bypassing freepbx’s module admin is a bad thing

That rpm is Asterisk h322 channel module.

FreePBX does not support h.323 enpoints. You have to provision them manually then create an extension of type=custom to make FreePBX aware of them.

You also have to put the h.323 extensions in the FreePBX from-internal context.