GXW410x woes

everyone! I am having a problem that im about to put my head through the
wall on… So Im trying to setup freepbx with a gxw410x as a fxo
gateway, everything looks to be working expect I can not make incoming
calls. Outgoing calls work just fine but anything I dial in it rings
once, then give a odd ring and just hangs up. on the asterisk console it
passes the call but with no information “callerid=unknown” Then it
holds the line open for a few minutes and will eventually reset.

I have the gxw410x setup as a sip_chan peer… Any ideas? I can provide whatever information you guys may need. Thanks!!!

P.S - is there a preference for setting it up as a PEER or as a SIP account?

Lesson learned, plug your test phone up to check basic line functionality… Got the same behavior when testing analog phones. Fixed that problem and the calls go through fine. “Fix was to restart to charter phone modem. f me…”

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