GXP2170 3-way conference call

Hi I am evaluating Grandstream GXP2170 with FreePBX, Asterisk Version: 13.6.0 setup, for some reason, 3 way conference call button on the phone is not working.(nothing happens when I try to join new one party) 3 way conference feature is working with Avaya 9620 / 9630 setup, so it is not FreePBX side of issue. Does anyone uses GXP2170’s 3-way conference call feature successfully, if so may I ask for some advice how to make it work?

According to a previous post, this following solution might help you: make sure you have more than only one key defined as “Line”.

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Thank you! Silly me, I removed thedefault list of "line"s and set them ot BLF… Once I increased the line in VPK, 3-ways call features started to work!!!

Great that you got it sorted out. Glad I could help

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