GXP2135 and GXP2170 - Any timeline on when they will be in EPM?

These are by far the nicest phones Grandstream has ever made - any idea when they will be in Endpoint Manager? They sound, feel and work fantastically!

Grandstream has backed out of certification, so none of their new phones are being added at this time.

Please reach out to them to put pressure on them to get certified. It will take them hearing from their users just like what had to be done with other manufactures.

Booger - I will - they are REALLY nice phones - and the Speakerphone is even better than the Polycoms (which is saying something!) - I will submit a bitch to them.


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Just sent them a complaint and linked to this thread.

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Forgive my ignorance, what certification did they back out of?

Been looking at the GXP2135 for a few weeks. It looks to fill me need perfectly and is priced well.
Lastly; Who can I complain to to help move the process along to?

FreePBX Endpoint Manager Certification

How does backing out of certification affect the current Grandstream models in EPM?

It does not effect existing ones but we wont add new ones until certification is renewed. Its our stance with all manufactures for years now

Looks like EPM 13.0.57 added support for these phones.