GXP-2000 and FreePBX

Is there any way to incorporate the Asterisk configurations suggested by Grandstream to support the multi-purpose keys of the GXP-2000 into FreePBX in such a fashion that the extension can still be maintained through the GUI? In other words, is there a way to add sip.conf parameters to an extension beyond those defined by the standard GUI?

If there isn’t, and I have to create the extension in sip_custom.conf, is there a way to prevent a GUI user from creating an extension with the same name in the GUI?

Thank you!

Wolf Paul

Not sure about the first part of your question, but as for the second, I believe
the Custom Extensions page (under Tools) provides this functionality.
You specify an extension number which is defined somewhere other then freepbx, such as custom files, and then frepbx knows about it, and won’t allow you to create any conflicting extension from within the GUI.

Just another note:
We use Grandstream GXP 2000, 2010, and 2020s here,
and there’s nothing special in our sip configuration for the extensions;
The BLF keys work correctly, and light up when people are on calls, etc.

Thanks, I will look at whether that works without the Grandstream configs.

Seriously I have researched on several search engines… Mainly google. I can’t seem to find out these two things.

  • Adding a GXP2010;GXP2000 to Trixbox Extensions*
    Configuring Trixbox GUI to be accessible via the web

I have DYN DNS, Static IP’s, And what are the ports that are needed to be forward.
Is it possible to add my TRIXBOX as a SIP on GXE5028? I’m trying to move away from Grandstreams Unstable PBX’s… I have 10…

Yes, GXP2010’s and GXP2000’s can be extensions on a FreePBX based system like PBX in a Flash or Trixbox.

Yes, you can configure Trixbox’s web GUI (CE edition) to be accessible from the web, but be damn careful here. Trixbox apparently has a huge secuity hole in their Web GUI that can be exploited to allow root access to your server. They say they have it fixed, but as of yesterday, there was still plenty of noise on that thread. I would recommend locking down the phone server pretty tight if you are going to expose its web GUI to the net. PBX in a Flash has Webmin and Linux firewall built right into the distro, by the way.

I usually open UDP 10000-20000 and UDP 5060-5082 for Sip, UDP 4569 for IAX2 and UDP 4520 for Dundi, if you are using it.

I can’t help you on the GXE5028 question. I don’t know what that is.

Just a quick update:

I find that I do not need to put anything into Asterisk config files, FreePBX seems to generate “hint” entries in ext-local anyway, so all I need to do is configure the phones.

Since I have not yet figured out how to auto-provision the Grandstreams, I have to do it manually anyway.