GV Trunk Issue Diagnosis

Wondering if someone can guide me where to look in my configuration to fix this issue.

FreePBX with multiple GV lines (same issue for all).

Installation has been working fine for 2 years.

Starting 48hrs ago:

For an incoming call initiated by the outside party there is two-way audio, no problems.

But for an outgoing call initiated by me the other party can hear me but I cannot hear them.

Many thanks in advance.

An answer is in this thread on BroadbandReports.com. Pay attention to messages posted on July 1 in the afternoon. The basic technique seems to be, call your own Google Voice number and if there are any voicemails there listen to them to clear them out. Then when you call your own GV number, it should offer option “2” to complete a call. If you then press “2” and the 10-digit number the call should go through, with 2-way audio. If you want to automate the process, find the custom trunk created by the Google Voice module, and find the Custom Dial String, it will look something like

Motif/gusernamegmailcom/[email protected]

(Note the bolded part)

Create a new custom trunk, and (partially quoting from a post in that thread):

Create a NEW Custom Trunk. Call it whatever you like. In the Dial Number Manipulation Rules, add the pattern 1|NXXNXXXXXX. If you allow seven digit dialing of local calls, you may also add a rule like AAA+NXXXXXX but replace AAA with your local area code. This is to make sure only ten digit numbers are sent to Google Voice.

In the Custom Dial String field, you can use this:


The string gusernamegmailcom should be substituted with the actual string from the line [in the original Google Voice trunk], and 1GGGGGGGGGG is your Google Voice number, but with a leading “1”.

The post also explains how to play on hold music while you wait the 10 seconds or so for the call to go through, using a modified dial string:


A different post shows how you can play ringing tone during that period, though I would not suggest doing that because your users will think the called phone has been ringing for quite a bit longer than it actually has. If you want to get clever, make a new on-hold music context and put one file in there that makes some kind of “comfort noise” so your callers don’t think the system has died on them, and specify that context rather than default.

Don’t forget to change your outbound route(s) to use your new custom trunk. Alternately you could modify the existing custom trunk rather than creating a new one, but if you do that I’d suggest at least saving the original custom dial string someplace in case you need it in the future, and also don’t forget to add the Dial Number Manipulation Rule(s).

Thank you - and facepalming myself for not realizing this is all a downstream effect of the GV XMPP termination.

Following all relevant threads now and will likely settle with an Obi200 providing the GV trunks and then onward to FreePBX for the immediate future.

I do not recommend buying anything else from Obihai, as it simply encourages them to keep obsoleting current models and introducing new ones in future money grabs. You are free to do what you like, but I think one of the reasons some people are working so hard on this problem is because they resent the way Obihai apparently regards their customers as nothing more than open wallets to be shaken every few years. If you have a current Obihai model, or any other VoIP device that supports the SIP protocol, that is all you need to connect to FreePBX. I do understand that these are uncertain times in that we don’t yet know what will turn out to be the best way to continue connecting with Google Voice on an ongoing basis, but my bet would be that a solution involving FreePBX and Asterisk will ultimately last longer than any Obihai device you might purchase.

Thanks for the insight and I agree with your sentiments. Unfortunately with a few hundred $ in credit across my GV accounts and a family who just want the phone to work I need to provide a solution. I read the comment from the Obitalk member who described people using GV in this way as ‘freeloaders’ which I thought was indicative of a weak character. Ultimately if there is an asterisk solution within a month I will just return the Obihai, a silly situation which benefits nobody in the end.

There is currently a discussion here on the community on setting up GV with Asterisk.
Note, this will likely not work on the official distro.

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