GUI Won't Load

Good Morning,
Let’s just start by saying I’m a little out of my depth here, I’ve had a little experience with FreePBX…
The local school my children go to have reached out to me for some support on a PBXact system they bought 8 or so years ago. The GUI stopped loading, the best error I’ve been able to get is something about not connecting to the database. Anyway, I told them to reach out to Sangoma, but Sangoma wants them to “catch up” their support contract to the tune of 7k before they will even look at it.
I can SSH and WINSCP into the box, and the files look ok, so it seems a little rough for them to pay that kind of money up front. They are happy to buy a new system, but there are years worth of configurations and integrations with different PA systems and the like they would have to setup from scratch.
Is there someone here we could pay hourly to look at the box? Hopefully get a configuration backup at least we can import into a new FreePBX installation? Or even to put into a new PBXact system?
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t do sales but we do offer support but typically on contract. You may want to contact our team through the web chat or by filling out the quote form to see if they can work out something to get you back online. If the system is 8 years old and hasn’t been updated in a while it may be time to explore options. We offer FreePBX and non FreePBX based PBX solutions both on premise and in the cloud. It may be worth a quick contact to see what can be done. Also feel free to DM me your info and I can pass it along if that is better.

Thank you! I submitted a form.

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