GUI way for admin to control extension DND / CFWD?

I have been unable to find this.

Is there any way in the FreePBX Website for an administrative user to toggle or configure DoNotDisturb and CallForward settings for a specific extension?

specific use case: we noticed a queue agent was not receiving calls, and the had DoNotDisturb enabled by accident. I would love if our support staff could have toggled this to Disabled on our side, but we could not identifty where the control existed.

we did NOT want to remove the DND feature from the extension

however, we Would like the ability for admin users to manage these features on behalf of certain extensions.

This can be monitored via the UCP. I’ve always thought that similar to FMFM, you should be able to manage DND and CF from the regular web GUI extension area.

Monitoring via the UCP is sadly not the same as Managed via the UCP.

I should have worded my response better. I’m fairly certain in the UCP an admin can alter DND and CF for other users. All based on permissions set in User Management

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For your admin user, edit their UCP settings in User Management and put all extensions you want to control into this Allowed Extension Settings field.

In UCP, you then add each extension’s DND and CF to the dashboard.

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It depends how DND / CFWD was setup. If it was setup on the physical phone, meaning that the phone responds back with the DND or the “Moved” response for call forwarding, then you have to login to the actual phone to make the change.
If it was set via feature code, then you can make the changes in UCP.

I am sure there are plenty of feature requests to bring the UCP CFWD / DND type of functionality to the GUI, and the good news is that FreePBX is open source, and anyone can add this feature to the GUI.

Most phones today will send the feature code if you tell them to.

But if you toggle it off in the PBX, the phone itself does not know that and will still refuse the call as @PitzKey says.

To get around that, with Yealink phones, I created a new sip notify context to tell the phone itself to press the DND button.

I’ll post an example later when I am at my desk.

Most sip phones support and are capable of something called Feature Key Synchronization, a popular tool across yealink, polycom VVX, and Cisco third party call control (non-CuCM) endpoints

I find it incredibly frustrating that the freepbx webUI’s “extensions” page will show an admin if DND is enabled, or find me follow me, or call forward, but not allow administrative control of that feature.

Here is how you tell a Yealink to do something with a sip notify.



Then a normal send notify will execute it.

rasterisk -x 'pjsip send notify dndon-yealink endpoint 103'
rasterisk -x 'pjsip send notify dndoff-yealink endpoint 103'

It’s Open Source - feel free to fix it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been frustrated by the same thing, just never enough to open the code and take care of it.

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@mvogel4949 and I provided the exact solution you were asking for; is that not sufficient?

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