Gui missing when viewing via the web

Hi All,
I’ve got a new install, this is my status:

Asterisk   = ONLINE  | Dahdi     = ONLINE  | MySQL     = ONLINE
SSH        = ONLINE  | Apache    = ONLINE  | Iptables  = ONLINE
Fail2ban   = ONLINE  | Internet  = ONLINE  | Ip6Tables = ONLINE
Disk Free  = ADEQUATE| Mem Free  = ADEQUATE| NTPD      = ONLINE
SendMail   = ONLINE  | Samba     = OFFLINE | Webmin    = ONLINE
Ethernet0  = ONLINE  | Ethernet1 = N/A     | Wlan0     = N/A

PIAF Installed Version   = under *KVM*
FreePBX Version          =
Running Asterisk Version = 12.8.1
Asterisk Source Version  = 12.8.1
Dahdi Source Version     =
Libpri Source Version    = 1.4.15
IP Address               = on eth0
Operating System         = CentOS release 6.7 (Final) ><
Kernel Version           = 2.6.32-573.8.1.el6.x86_64 - 64 Bit

when I access my gui from my home pc it prompts me for the username and password - I use wwwadmin and the password, it logs me in but only shows this:

I’ve checked my iptables etc and I don’t think i’ve got any rules stopping access (it shouldnt even ask for the username and password if the ip was banned etc - what on earth is wrong with it?

You are running PBX in a Flash which is not supported here. Suggest you start over with a supported system:

Hi, oh man! although luckily I’ve been having days of problems linking my Cisco 7940’s to my existing server, maybe I could dump and restart - is there a guide to installing this remotely?

My server is quite some distance from me and I don’t have physical access, however I do have full root access so I can rebuild the server using whatever version of linux etc is needed :slight_smile: