GUI erratic and crashing after upgrade from 15 to 16

I’ve got a ClearlyIP 710 appliance that is completely stock, nothing exotic. I just upgraded using the GUI tool from 15 to 16. All went well with the GUI upgrade, and when it was finished I did in fact get the “Upgrade Process Finished…” message without noted errors. When I hit ‘Refresh’ and waited (quite a while) there was no GUI at all and browser said ‘took too long to respond’. It’s worth noting that Asterisk seems to be fine since all phones still are functioning well. Okay, so I reboot from CLI and still no GUI.

I have done the following:

  • Force install of ‘framework’ module since it didn’t seem to be installed or upgraded to 16 using fwconsole ma downloadinstall framework --force
  • yum update which did update a bunch of things successfully
  • fwconsole ma upgradeall which upgraded a lot of modules but ended with success and now shows no more modules needing upgrade
  • php -v is showing 7.4.16
  • log files for httpd don’t show anything obvious (to me)
  • mariadb seems to be consistently running correctly

Now the GUI is kinda there, but not. It loads, but very erratically, and I can’t seem to figure out the pattern. It will sometimes load the dashboard, sometimes not; sometimes it loads with no CSS. When the dashboard does load, I can’t click on any of the entries in the ‘Messages’ section to expand them and see what they say. If any other pages load (Extensions, Endpoint Manager, Modules, etc) they are also erratic; for example the Extensions application has nothing listed…it’s just an empty page.

Then, a few minutes later it’s completely crashed and no page will load at all!

Hopefully there’s enough information for the beginning of help.

Thanks ahead of time!

Are you using the CIP mirrors? I know that they had held back/pinned a couple of (module) updates in order to prevent their customers from getting the newer libraries/language versions that was eventually pulled from the FreePBX mirrors.

Not saying that this is the reason, but if you are using the CIP mirrors and have a snapshot, I’d roll back and redo the update using the FreePBX mirrors.

That is 100% incorrect. We never held back pushing out modules from the big upgrade of modules a few weeks ago related to the bootstrap and other library upgrades as those modules never left edge. Please do not state things as facts that you have no way of knowing are true or not. That is how misinformation gets spread.

Hi Tony,

See attached image.

This was posted on a public discord server last month. Me stating what I stated above had zero intentions to harm anyone’s business nor did I want to blindly make up stuff… I was just trying to be helpful by providing information that I am aware of. And if even if you would’ve pinned certain modules so your customers aren’t affected, I totally understand the reason behind it, as Chris mentioned.

Since you are the owner of CIP, I trust your word more than the induvial who posted the misinformation.

I initially thought that the source is credible enough, but obviously, I learned now that it isn’t. I’ll know for future posts to reach out for an official statement/comment.

I fully apologize. Sorry about that.

No we did not pin any modules as in the end Sangoma never pushed them out of edge but we could of in a special version had Sangoma decided to move forward with pushing those modules out of edge but in the end it was not needed.

Also no where did this customer state they were even using our mirrors. The appliances we sell come with stock FreePBX and use FreePBX mirrors. The customer would have to switch to our mirrors if they wanted to use ours, which has nothing to do with them buying our appliances.

Just wanted to post the resolution to this problem.

I was doing this upgrade and successive troubleshooting through a L2TP VPN connection and UniFi USG router. I had, somewhat recently, turned on the UniFi “Threat Management” feature and it was seeing the packets, even though they were from and ‘internal’ VPN-related VLAN, as high risk and as such was dropping some of them.

So the UniFi Threat Management did not like that combination of:

  • Remote L2TP VPN client →
  • UniFi Threat Management →
  • FreePBX Admin GUI

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