GUI Dialplan Reload

New to FreePBX from asterisk.

Having edited extensions_custom.conf where is the GUI command to reload the dialplan?


There isn’t one. From the Asterisk CLI enter ‘dialplan reload’

you could change something in the GUI and then apply settings to force a reload.

You can reload everything with amportal reload command.

If you are frequently flipping back and forth between custom coding and the GUI, in Advanced Settings you can enable “Leave Reload Bar up”, and you can reload whenever you want with a single click.

Thanks but I’m remote and swapping between a GUI editor and the FreePBX GUI and having to SSH into the server just to enter “dialplan reload” seemed counter productive. I have been submitting no change to give me the reload button but doinf that I’ll eventually break something.

That did the trick. I’ll leave the reload bar up while I am making custom changes - much easier.