GUI Can't connect to Asterisk suddenly - tips please

I am getting an error message in the GUI Can Not Connect to Asterisk after restart. I am looking for tips on what to look for that I may have broken. Any help would be appreciated. Asterisk is running if I check the status.

I was working to install keys and certs, stun and turn servers, arrrgggg… I’m quite out of my element.

Thank you!!!

Log into the server as “root” (however you prefer to do that) and ‘su -m asterisk’. Enter the asterisk password (it’s probably blank) and ‘cd’ to /etc

From there, enter ‘fwconsole restart’. It will either tell you that asterisk isn’t running and start it, or stop asterisk are restart it.

I’m going to guess you will get an error message on the “asterisk start” part.

Enter ‘tail /var/log/asterisk/full’ and look at the last 20 lines. Your answer for why Asterisk isn’t starting should be right there.


Asterisk 13.22.0 FreePBX is SN7… (from memory)
My situation is: suddenly I can’t reach the gui even though I can access asterisk through putty, and the system is up and running. I have not changed a thing on the network. I am accessing it remotely over VPN, and I can access other machines on the network through the browser.
Restarting asterisk did not fix the problem. The web browser (chrome) just gives me:

This site can’t be reached

192.168.x.x refused to connect. etc etc

Any help greatly appreciated!

Check intrusion detection. You probably got banned.

Answer found on Spiceworks:
service httpd restart

fwconsole restart should have also restarted it.

Restart didn’t work. service httpd restart did the job.

fwconsole restarts Asterisk, does that restart httpd as well?

No, it doesn’t

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