GUI admin restrictions

We are using the FreePBX distro (latest version) and I want to add a GUI administrator with limited access. I have limited the new admin to only view extensions but can’t prevent him from deleting the extensions by accident. Is there a way?

Then THAT would a cool paid module. I am tired of administering the system myself but when I give admin access to an employee they can really screw up the system whether due to ignorance or malice even if I do not give access to the admin functions. At minimum they need to view the extensions, trunks, inbound routes, and outbound routes. That allows them to add, edit, delete the above and a paid module that defines exactly what each admin can do would really be a great add on.

Nope their is no such way in FreePBX

This clocked in at about 10 minutes’ work. You owe me a quarter. :wink:

Obviously not sustainable in light of updates and whatnot, but it’s a quick and dirty example that shows how easy such restrictions are to add. This will patch against current version 2.11.01 core module.