GSM Gateway SetUp

Has anyone set up a GSM Gateway who can offer me some advice.

I have a Sun Comm SC-385 GSM Gateway but the instructions are not clear at all. I cant work out how to get my FreePBX to see it as an outgoing trunk.

The manual is broken english and leads me to think I have two options, either to set up extentions which the GSM box logs into or to set up some LAN to GSM routes.

Unfortunately I am not sure how Asterisk sees either.

I only want to use this for outgoing calls.

Any pointers no matter how minor would be helpful.



Using FreePBX 2.8 & Asteris 1.8

I now have one trunk running and am attempting to set up a second trunk to take advantage of the second SIM. If anyon can offer advice here I would be grateful.

Once I have this running I will post information on how to set these up for future users.



I have now set up a SIP Trunk, which I am using for outbound.

My Peer details are set as:
host=GSM IP

My GSM box is set to send everything outside.

When making a call I get:
Receiving Phone - Rings
Calling Phone - No Ringing Tone

On Answer - there is no audio and after about 30 seconds the calling phone gives the message “All Circuits are busy now” - “The person you are calling is unavailable.”

It seems that the GSM box is not telling the VOIP that the call has been made.

Any ideas where to look.?

Thanks Again.



I am guessing that I tell the trunk the IP through the ‘custom string’ can you advise if this is the case and if so, what are the options in from of the @ sign.



No the dial string goes in the custom string.

The trunk host statement defines the IP of the peer.

I have been trying to connect via setting up a custom trunk. I had put in the custom string SIP/[email protected] The GSM box is set up to put anything from my server IP to the network.

  • This made the call but there was no audio.

I will try again but this time I will create a SIP trunk. - Any advise on username password etc as the GSM box doesnt seem to have one (or is this wht I set to ‘friend’?

Sorry for the dumb questions, this dealing with contexts etc is all new stuff.



I would start with a simple trunk that only contains the IP of the gateway, type=friend, insecure=very (or in 1.6 port,invite), context=from-internal and the CODEC you want to use. That will allow communication both ways.