GSM Gateway(ata211g) trunk setup i am pulling my hair out please HELP

Hey everybody,

Newbie with freepbx have a dedicated virtual server running latest freepbx. Wanted to venture out and got GSM gateway.

For the life of me i cannot get it to work with freepbx. I am creating a simple trunk and it just doesnt work.

— Asterisk box on public ip address
— GSM gateway behind a router (port forward 5060 and 8000-8003)
— I created a trunk and extension for the GSM gateway on my asterisk box.

Now when i call the GSM gateway phone number it gives me the dialtone for asterisk and i can dial any internal numbers. but when i try from my asterisk extensions to use GSM to route calls i always get circuit busy.

I have already created outbound routes as well.

Also i have 2 options on the GSM gateway SIP trunk:

  1. proxy
  2. peer to peer

I used proxy and just cretaed a trunk but that doesnt work keeps telling me bad auth then i cretaed a extenion and it started working.


anyways my config for trunk from asterisk :

Peer Details

User Details:


I just dunno how to get this to work. Would love to get some help please.

the gsm gateway is this one :

Thanks you


Did u get that work?

if not, try this… in matrix dont use SIP. Use Peer and configure your asterix IP.
In you asterisk, use the IP address of your 211g. Dont use any username / password. Type should be type=peer.