Grouping DIDs, routing through conditions, then forking back

I was wondering if anybody has a possible idea on how I can implement an idea of mine. Right now, we have 3 DIDs that route through different conditions, IVRs, etc, but all share the same office. Right now I have to route these three DIDs to different time conditions so that they end up at the appropriate IVR. But, what I was thinking was it’d be amazing to be able to route through the same time condition, then route from that time condition into something that will then fork back out options based on the DID they originally called into. I could then build a chain of conditions to run through before all of the calls get split to the correct IVR.

For instance, all three could be directed to a generic announcement, then into a call flow toggle I could use to give to HR in case of unexpected weather closures that shut down business, then route into time conditions, then route into something that would split it based on DID into the correct IVR. This saves me from having to create three call flow toggles and three time conditions. Anybody have any ideas how this could be implemented?