Group voicemail boxes

Hey all, I have 2 questions.

  1. I need to setup a VM box for a ringgroup so that the first woman who walks in the morning can retrieve the messages from the night before, the mailbox should answer after a set amount of time, if all are on the phone and no one can grab it, caller should hear the greeting and leave a message. need each ext in the ring group to have a light on the phone showing there are messages waiting to be picked up.
  2. for our cs group, we need an announcement saying we are closed, caller can’t leave a message, no option to transfer, we just say were closed, call back tomorrow.

thank you

create a virtual extension with voicemail that emails to your user.
direct the timeout on the group to go to this extensions voicemail.

This is what i was thinking as well, i guess i can setup a blf button to monitor that mailbox as well.

you should be able to use the voicemail box hint too light up your BLF button.

BLF key *98EXT monitors that VM Box.