Group divert/forward


I am trying to find out if it is possible to manually divert/forward a ring group to an external cell number (ideally using a feature code if possible)

The trunk goes to a ring group (602) during opening times and goes straight to voicemail during closed times.
Quite often during the open times people are outside of the office, when this happens I would like the ring group to be temporary forwarded/diverted to an external cell number, so calls can still be answered.

I tried *72 feature code, but this seems to only forward any calls coming to a single extension, not a group.

Thanks for any help :smile:

You could use a second ring group and call flow control.

Thanks for the reply. That looks like just what I wanted.
Just to confirm, would the following steps be correct to achieve this (don’t want to mess anything up)

1: Setup another ring group (603) and add just the external cell as a member.
2: Setup call flow *280 with normal flow to 602 and override flow to 603.
3. Change my ‘day’ time condition from 602 to the new call flow.
Then dial *280 (or press BLF if setup) whenever I want to switch between normal/override flow.

Thanks for the time and quick help :smile:

you could just set up misc destination with forward # in it

set up CFC with normal to you regular time condition (during hours call 602 call grop / off hours vm) and override to your misc destination. then you can set up BLF to light up RED/GREEN depending if the CFC is on/off.

and then point inbound route to the CFC above.