Group creation in all Reddy created extension number

We have configured an extension number (4636008) and published to everyone,
Can I create a group? When we incoming call come from above number then all the phone in the group should ring
If any of the extension in the group is busy another call come to the group then it should ring other extensions so that any other person can attend the call

Let me see if this is what you actually mean?

We have created a Direct In Dial number with our service provider (4636008) and we have set up an inbound route that answers that number.

Instead of using a single extension to answer the call, we want to add a ring group.

My question is “If one of the local extensions is busy, will the phone number ring busy, or will one of the other phones in the ring group be able to pick up the call?”

If that is your question, the answer is Yes. If not, you need to start over and tell us what you’re trying to actually do.

Can you give me your contact number for better understanding

Not unless you want to pay me. I do this for customers for a living. If you want to stick with the forums, I’ll be glad to help you.