Group and Queue calls

Dear friends,

I have searched a lot and so far I know that this question was asked thousand times but I didn’t find any solution over the internet or in this forum…

I would like to get rid of missed call notifications on other extensions in the group if one of them answers the call. I have tried to add letter “c” in the dial command options in advanced settings page but it didn’t make any change. This doesn’t work with group calls of with queues. In the asterisk log I cannot see any info about that the call was marked as answered somewhere else or cancel missed call…

My setup has one PBX with FreePBX 13 and 14 phones Htek UC924 each with one account pjsip (chan_sip for some reason won’t connect even if I had configured ports). I have also tried this with FreePBX 14 and it is the same… I have a big problem since my company has accepted to install this phone system on my suggestion. They are requesting this to be solved so I hope so there is someone who can tell me something on how to have this done.

Everyone, sorry for this repetitive post but I have no choice.

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I believe you can diable “record call history” on a per phone basis. This may not be a good solution, but might work for you.

Hello busster8,

Thanks for adding a comment but, unfortunately, this cannot be a solution for me. It would be more an improvisation and it would result in losing call log which is actually needed. If You have any experience on this, You are welcome to reply to this thread.

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I know that on yealink phones, the missed call notification is a on/off setting. Have only messed with Htek phones once. Is it possible that the notification can be disabled?

documentation says missed call notification can be turned off.

Yes, it can but its not what I need. I need calls marked as answered somewhere else.

Anyone? How to solve this in FreePBX?

Hello again,

Just to update this thread… I have found out that this works if I am using chan_sip and not if I am using chan_pjsip. Is there any portal or mail to report bugs? It doesn’t work with FreePBX 14 also…

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