Green GUI after update

Hey everyone,

I recently performed module updates, and after I “Apply Config(ed),” the GUI is now a strange green colour.

Would anyone happen to have more information on this?

PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2008-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 13.36.0


Don’t worry. It’s new FPBX theme.

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Awesome, thanks!

I like this green shades on the buttons. I wish top bar would be more green than what it is now.

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Its Horrible!
No one asked for the gui to be changed, so why the green??
At least give us the option to choose between the original blue and the new scheme!

I mean you have noticed the logo/banner color schemes changed like months and months ago. It’s almost like the new GUI color scheme matches the new color schemes of the branding.


@nxcoms If you have existing customers used to the blue and or end-user training materials that are documented using the blue colors, it could be problematic to update without any prior notification of such a major change, especially since it wasn’t released with a new base version of the Platform. As another FREE option (not trying to spam, thanks for those that flagged the original post) You can change your mirrors to the ClearlyIP Mirrors, this would allow you to retain the previous blue branding, there are NO CHARGES to utilize these mirrors with this you can revert back to the original blue color scheme. WE ALSO DO NOT TRACK STATS like the Sangoma Mirrors if privacy is a concern. The ClearlyIP mirrors are also dispersed around the planet so you may actually see a quicker response than the upstream Sangoma Mirrors. (Although we do sell a Custom Mirror and Update Management Service, the public mirror I’m linking to here is NOT CHARGED for and is open to both our customers or anyone in the community that wishes to utilize them, as an alternative.)

More info here:

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