Great working PBX out of the box! - Some Feedback from a Live Tester

Just wanted to say I am happy FreePBX 2.10.0 rc1 is in such great working condition out of the box. I look at these forums and think “not many people are reporting issues”… Appears the devs here doing the best they can to resolve the little issues that come up, but where are all the serious testers and issues at? Where are the problems and bugs being reported? Am I in the right forum? I must be.


Few things I see that I hope are fixed, removed or added in the final/future:

  • FOP Gone. Remove it. Annoying problematic useless resource hogging feature. (maybe best to leave this an optional module for those that use it? I see it is partially removed in the last update, but after removal I still see traces of it in amportal.conf- ie: FOP Web Root Dir)
  • chan_sccp-b V4.0 added and integrated like SIP is. (chan_skinny is outdated! If ANY FreePBX devs want in on chan_sccp-b project they need devs! Would be a great contribution to the community.)
  • Backup and Restore needs more work with Backup and restoring stuff over ftp and other locations. (I know its being worked on and local seems to work good since the last update)
  • Perhaps add an option for “Old GUI” for those that hate changes. (I like the new style personally, but some may like the left side menus.)
  • Intercom & Paging has “no hang up” issue that I am sure can be resolved pretty quickly. (This worked ok before the recent updates)

I really cant think of much else that I would wish for … FreePBX is amazing.
The one and only thing that stands out from above is the chan_sccp-b integration.
If FreePBX could harness the Cisco CM alternative out of the box, that would be priceless.

Anyways, Thanks a ton Devs!
I will do my best to report issues with the new releases the best I can without being a jerk about it. I know you guys put alot of work into this and it shows. Keep it up and thank you for keeping it open and free.

Again and again - I Thank You.

As I ask people over and over. If you find a bug please open a bug ticket as the developers work off of bug tickets. I have seen a thread about paging not working and asked for more info. If you have a system where paging is not hanging up the phones please open a bug at Also please state if this is with meet-met or app_conference. You can see which engine is used by looking in advanced settings module.

Already did that … app_meetme is defined for conferencing. I didnt find anything about defining anything for Intercom & Paging. (I updated the other post)

noted and will use if I find a bug.