GraphQL Modules Not Showing After v14 -> v15 FreePBX Upgrade

I followed the step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade to the FreePBX 15.0 ALPHA found on this article:, and was able to successfully upgrade to However, after restarting the server and logging back into the web GUI, I am not able to find any of the new API modules that are advertised in this collection of articles:

What must be done to get these Modules installed on my PBX?


What specifically are you not seeing. Please be descriptive as the wiki article you linked to talks about one module. Not modules

The module found on this page (which is just another page on the link I already shared): freepbx org/display/FPG/API+GraphQL+Documentation. How do I get to that module or group of modules?

It would appear that the only existence of these modules is captured in those screenshots on those two links, as I have searched the code-base on the server itself and I am unable to find any mention of the GraphQL functionality.

Following your 14->15 upgrade blog post, I would have expected to immediately see “API” or “GraphQL API” or “FreePBX API” or whatever this thing is called under either the Admin or Connectivity tab, but indeed I am unable to find anything other than the legacy “REST API” module in both the dropdowns and the Module Admin listing.

It’s only one module. You need to check online for the module API.

Another way to get it: fwconsole ma downloadinstall api

That was it!

It would seem that including that fwconsole command in the FPBX 15 upgrade guide would be beneficial to the lay-developers like myself, considering the fact that the GraphQL API is a top-billed feature in the new version. The FreePBX documentation seems to be documenting (sorta) a feature that is unavailable in the FreePBX 15 ALPHA, at least immediately after installation.

This is actually how it’s always been for new freepbx modules.

You always do provide the highest-quality FreePBX documentation, Andrew. Well done.

Something to note here only about 20% of modules were completed into the API. However we plan to ge them all done in time.

So in the meantime please let us know which modules you’d like prioritized and we will get to those first