GraphQL How to edit other voicemail settings

I hoping to update some of the settings that can be updated via the web admin via the GraphQL API. In particular the “Email Attachment” and “Delete Voicemail” settings. I assume it would be something like this:

mutation {
        input: {
            extensionId: 101
            name: "api test"
            vmEnable: true
            vmEmailAttachment: true
            vmDeleteVoicemail: true
            umEnable: false
            clientMutationId: "test1234"
    ) {

Is this something that already exists? If so, can someone point me in the correct direction? If not, could it be added? (I’d be happy to try the work if I had some guidance)

VM GraphQL is documented here Voicemail module GraphQL - PBX GUI - Documentation

Thank you!

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