Graphical update webinterface

Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone would have any interest in the graphical update I did to the webinterface (img below).



Hi everyone,

The files are available again.



Bas are you on world tour? still waiting for those files that you bring back online

I second getting it up on another mirror Bas! Would love to play with and expand on this work!

indeed it is still there or what remains a small image :wink:

any idea if it is available again?

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Hi Peter,

Just found it on google images, search for ‘divant webif’. I got it as second result.

@Bas really looks great!

Hahaha, or use that :wink: (allthough that still leaves the theme pkg)


very interested in your piece of work, but it seems that the link is dead :frowning:

Can you fix it?

Many thanks,


Hello Peter,

That’s right, I’m currently moving to another address, expect them to be up again somewhere this week.



More interest in GUI work,

baron154 has started up a new thread expressing interest on the same lines:

That looks very modern and is a lot easier on the eyes than the current scheme. +1 for this as the new look (or at the least a good start).

Hello Philippe!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it and glad to possibly have been of further aid.

With best regards,



that looks pretty nice overall. Will be real interested in taking a look come the new year (I’m running off for a long weekend).

We’ve been discussing giving FreePBX a facelift and this may be a great way to get started!

It sure looks nice. Is it all done in the css or have you modified the code?

Hello Mikael,

Thanks! - No, no changes to the PHP code, just some changes to common/mainstyle.css + 8 images. Works for IE7+, Chrome & FF (haven’t verified IE6).

If you like you can (w)get the files here.

With best regards,