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Hello everyone,

i have Asterisk 13.8.1 built by mockbuild @ on a x86_64 running Linux with Yealink ip phones registered on VLan from previous IT guy.

Is there installation of Graphical Interface like Gnome Gui on Centos?

I want to be able to make changes remotely with teamviewer

Thank you in advance

Make changes remotely by allowing your remote address through the firewall, using a VPN, or using SSH port forwarding.

Dear Stewart i am not familiar with the system that’s why i need graphical interface

Are you using FreePBX?

Yes i do

FreePBX assumes that is the only software running on the machine. Adding something complex such as desktop software or TeamViewer is asking for trouble. Access the FreePBX GUI with a web browser as intended. I suggested three safe ways of doing that.

If you insist on using TeamViewer, connect to another machine on your office LAN with TV and run a web browser on that to access the FreePBX GUI.

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Ok…got it…the only reason i want to do it is to have access remotely because it is on vlan and i have to move to computer room everytime i want to make changes.

A solution I use

You can then install ‘nomachine’ on windows, apple, android, linux machines anywhere you would to gain access to your FreePBX machine from. Add a ‘connection’ to the external IP or of your FreePBX.

Added advantage is you get a ‘proxy’ to any phone’s Web server behind firewalls and NAT or VLAN’s and traverses most any network without fret (nomachine is both a client and a server but not on phones or tablets where it works well as a client)

Yes, it uses a little more dilithium crystals while running, but when not active it is hardly noticeable, it just fires up a gui terminal on demand.


Thank you very much

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