Graphic issues in admin mode after enabling trixbox-addon repositories

I had a graphic issue after enabling the “trixbox Addons” in the Repositories menu.
I disabled the addon and still got the problem. It happens only in admin mode.

Here follows the screenshot that I took:

This is the forum for FreePBX, trixbox project dead and abandoned.

Short history of end of trixbox:

trixbox decides to change the look and feel of FreePBX. Put their name on it and “fork” the project, claiming many advances to come.

2 1/2 years later. No updates ever written, community manager and lead developer terminated. 10 or perhaps 100’s of thousands of users stranded with unsupported software that is almost impossible to update.

In a twist of weirdness they leave the website up to promote paid product and brainless users still download and install, click update and watch their PBX break.

It’s kinda sad actually. At one time tribox was the “go to” distribution for those that did not want to install the packages individually (still the most future proof way to go).

We put out our own distro now in addition to the FreePBX software itself and Ward and company have the very popular PBX in a flash. Both are very active and have large user communities to help each other out.

Is there any way to migrate to FreePBX without losing any configuration?

Simplest way is to use bulk export tool (available at - use version 2.6 for trixbox) then you can either copy over voice mail and recording files or use FreePBX (not trixbox) backup and restore tool to only copy the voicemail and recordings and restore to the new box. You will need to manually recreate trunks, IVR’s etc.

I generally think that unless you have an incredibly complex system simply exporting the extensions and recreating everything else is the simplest path.