Granting Access to Module Admin

Hi all,

I have several systems running FreePBX (in particular, FreePBX Distro, although I’m not sure how much relevance that has to the situation at hand.) Everything has worked fine until I ran into this small problem…

I have several users set up under “Administrators”, which are used by staff members to administer various parts of the systems. I’ve set them up with access restrictions so that they can only access the parts of FreePBX that they need to be in. So far, that worked fine.

However, I need to grant some of these users access to update the FreePBX modules. I added that to the list of things they can access, saved the changes, and applied the new configuration. After making this change, it seems that those users still do not see “Module Admin” under the “Admin” menu.

I’ve tried logging the user out and back in, with no success. I even cleared the PHP sessions directory (/var/lib/php/session) with no luck. I did change a few other privileges trying to debug this, and found that it was necessary to delete all those cached sessions before those changes would take effect. However, even that did not make the “Module Admin” show up.

Any ideas? Can one not grant “Module Admin” access by just selecting that in the list of what the user can access? Or did I uncover a bug?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile: