I am looking at below mentioned models to buy for our office. I wold like to know if any of you have experience with any of these models? and how they are in terms of quality and setup, provisioning… with FreePBX (PIAF).

unfortunately i couldnt include my favorite brand (Aastra) on the list due to their high price!

-tiptel IP 284
-Yealink SIP-T26P IP Phone

many thanks!

I think it comes down to preference. We used Grandstream earli in our early VOIP iterations about 7 years ago, and many of those phones are still in service. The only problem we had with them was the cheap power supply. I think all ps’s were eventually replaced.


We had been using Grandstream GXP-2010s and then the GXP-2110 HD when it was released. As Bill said, we’ve had problems with the power supplies on the older Grandstreams going bad. (FYI when they “go bad”, they don’t just stop working all together. They just start behaving badly. Sometimes, they won’t boot up completely and often have many of the BLFs turned on. However, other times, they appeared to boot up OK, but then just wouldn’t work properly.)

The Yealinks have more features like:

  1. You can configure the DND button to send a feature code to the server rather than just activate DND locally in the phone
  2. The phone supports OpenVPN
  3. The phone supports cordless headsets with electronic hook switch control that allows the user to answer calls by pressing a button on the headset

I don’t like the way the Yealink BLFs were designed with the label sheet needing holes cut out of it for the buttons. It’s a pain. But I did find a place that will sell pre-cut label inserts. I haven’t ordered any yet, but plan to do that soon.

Grandstream’s firmware has not been as “mature” or “stable”. Early on, they would fix some things after a period of time. But they made the GXP-2010s “end of life” quite a while ago, and are no longer supporting them. They’ve got 2 very annoying bugs that will never be fixed: The BLFs don’t always show the correct state of the line being monitored, and speed dial numbers can’t have any digits repeated (i.e. ##70# to park a call won’t work because the phone sends it as #70#).

Can’t really tell anything on the specific models but when we started to use asterisk 2 years ago we purchased 20 grandstream GXP2000 phones. We had trouble with 14 of them. Randomly resetting, BLF lights acting strange, calls dropping etc.
We replaced all the grandstreams with Linksys SPA942 phones and never had any problems at all (at the moment 30 phones in use for about a year and not one with problems).

Couple of months ago we started testing videophones and we purchased a Grandstream GXV3175, a Tiptel VP 28 and a Yealink VP 2009.
The grandstream crashed randomly and software responded very slow… That was the last time we did anything with grandstream, we really hate those phones :slight_smile:
At the end, we are now working with 10 Tiptel VP 28 phones and are very satisfied, no problems so far. As for the yealink phone, it is exactly the same as the tiptel vp 28. Don’t know if these are the same companies but try googling that phone, you get the exact same phone but with different manufacturer labels :slight_smile:

I just want to take a moment to urge you to consider Aastra’s 67xx line of phones. Very reliable. Easy to configure. Moderately priced.

tnx james83,
i got a couple of tiptel ip28 and ip26 phones! so far satisfied with it but have you managed to configure them using end point manager? i would like to configure the right side buttons and phone book to pull all the extension numbers from the server!

thanks in advance

Had a Grandstream 2020 for testing and it was awful!! We are currently using Yealink sip-t28 and couldn’t be happier (some are cortelco branded). FYI some packages sold as poe models don’t come with the power supply so you’ll have to buy them online around $10 each. They are the same ones as used in the Grandstream 2020 so I don’t know if we’ll wind up with failures like others were saying.

Sound quality is excellent, it’s ergonomically comfortable (unlike Grandstream) and doesn’t have to reboot for every little change you make.