GrandStream phones keep ringing extension after hang-up

We are experiencing an issue with GrandStream phones. GXP2140, GXP2160 phones.

Everything works great except if you call someone and then hang up before they answer, it continues to ring on the destination phone. If the destination phone is picked up after the caller hangs up, you just get dead air.

Only the GrandStream phones cause this. Other brands of phones we have like Yealink and Polycom can call GrandStream phones and other brands without this problem.

The phones are on the latest firmware. The system is FreePBX 15.0.23.

Has anyone seen this. I could find anything mentioned like this in the archives. Is it the PBX or the phones. Should I contact GrandStream or Sangoma?

It isn’t a major issue. Just an slightly annoying one.

sounds like the sip Cancel isnt making it through to your PBX from the grandstreams.

It’s a signalling error…i.e. the message that the call was answered doesn’t get sent to all the other phones in a timely manor. If you are using BLF keys, every active key must report status to every other key on the system…this accounts for lots of traffic when ever there is a ring call or change. You can turn off BLF’s and help this problem. If your PBX is not onsite you can install one onsite which cuts down on the traffic going back and forth to the PBX…or in other words makes that traffic local which is fast, instead of having to go through the internet which by comparison is slow. That has been my solution whenever I have more than 6-8 handsets for a client. Hope that helps.

Not quite, Asterisk being a B2BUA, each extension can SUBSCRIBE to but also NOTIFY to the Asterisk server it’s state, thus this is the device that distributes the subscriptions and accepts the notifications, you can debug these both with sngrep and see the endpoints of the messages and when and if a Grandstream might have missed such a NOTIFY,

It only happens when you call any of the other phones from a GrandStream set and hang up before they answered. Like if I call any other extension from a GrandStream and realize I called the wrong extension and end the call, it keeps ringing on the extension I called. My phone shows it is idle any the other keeps on ringing. If I call any of GrandStream phones from any other manufacture and hang up, it stops ringing immediately. So the GrandStreams are receiving the SIP Cancel but don’t seem to be sending it.

Confirm all this by examining an sngrep session

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