Grandstream phones changes dialed number when redial

Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your time and help.

I will try my best to explain the situation in hand.
I have a freepbx with Asterisk 11.19 in perfect working condition. I have a SIP trunk with my provider and some Grandstream phones registered.
My trunk providers ask me to send some prefix with the dialed number and I have that working without problem. If you dial lets say 16141234567 I send to my provider something like 554416141234567 … The call connects and everything is good…
The problem comes after that… If a user uses the Redial button on their phone, for some reason, the number that appears on the phones display now is: 55441614…etc… Instead of the number that was dialed the first time…
How is the phone “obtaining” that number if that manipulation is at Asterisk level?
I know I can put some rules to identify that number and pass it to the trunk that way and the call will connect but that is not the solution I am looking. I need the user see in their phone the number they originally dialed…
Any Ideas? Thank you in advance…

For the extension in question, set sendrpid to no (for pjsip extension, set Send RPID to no).

This will likely fix the trouble, but you may lose the ability to see ‘blocked’ caller ID, if your provider supports it (though there are dialplan hacks to get that back).

When calling an extension that is forwarded, you will no longer see the forwarded-to number.

There are some other obscure features related to the number displayed on blind-transferred and externally forwarded calls, which may stop working.

If you still have trouble or lose a feature that is important to you, post phone model and firmware version, provider and details of what goes wrong.

Stewart1 thank you for your reply… We are testing your advice… I will post the results. Regards

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