Grandstream phone will not register on specific extensions


This is my first foray into the world of Asterix and VOIP.

So installed latest Asterix and FPBX and first was testing some softphones, handsets and mobile clients just giving them extensions and connecting them as I’ve never used any of this stuff before.

After setting up an extension 2 and 3 which worked fine in testing, I removed the extensions in the GUI and started adding my final list of extensions for deployment, but the recreated extensions 2 and 3 will not re-register on my Grandstream GXP2130 phones no matter what I try. Other extensions will register fine as long as they weren’t created in testing and then subsequently removed.

Is this tied to the phones MAC address or is something not been removed from an asterix config file/database somewhere?

This kinda messes up all my extension numbering schema and would like to get it resolved. If anyone would be so kind to help that would be most appreciated .

This seems to be a post about a similar problem but I don’t know really how to perform the fix
Granstream gxp1628 will not work with specific extensions (sorry I can’t post links yet)

Many thanks

Not really an answer to your problem, but I’d reckon single-digit extension numbers are probably not a good idea.

My recommendation is to not use extensions with less than three digits. Four is actually a good choice - there are three digit numbers that actually mean things to the telephony world, so four digit extensions seem to make good sense.

Just a suggestion, but single digit numbers are almost always a bad idea.

Thanks I will change my schema a try again